1: "The Phenom was inspired by WWE legends, like Jake "The Snake" Roberts and his snake, Damien."

2: "The Undertaker drew inspiration from the powerful presence of Andre the Giant, who left a lasting legacy in WWE."

3: "The Deadman's eerie persona was shaped by the macabre antics of The Ultimate Warrior, a fearless icon."

4: "Legends such as Ric Flair influenced The Undertaker's in-ring skills and his ability to tell compelling stories."

5: "Mick Foley's daring stunts and unyielding dedication inspired The Undertaker to push his own physical limits."

6: "The masterful mind games of Papa Shango greatly influenced The Undertaker's psychological warfare tactics."

7: "The intensity and sheer brutality of Bruiser Brody played a significant role in shaping The Undertaker's style."

8: "Legendary manager Paul Bearer's haunting presence and his urn added a chilling dimension to The Undertaker's character."

9: "The Undertaker's legacy was partly built upon the trailblazing path paved by WWE legend, The Nature Boy. Woo!"