1: 1. Stone Cold Steve Austin 2. The Texas Rattlesnake's ferocity and resilience make him a formidable opponent for The Undertaker.

2: 3. Triple H 4. With his cunning mind and incredible in-ring skills, Triple H stands a good chance against The Undertaker.

3: 5. Bret Hart 6. The Excellence of Execution's technical prowess and unwavering determination could give him an edge over The Undertaker.

4: 7. Shawn Michaels 8. The Heartbreak Kid's athleticism and Sweet Chin Music could be the key to victory against The Undertaker.

5: 9. Mick Foley 10. The unpredictable styles of Mankind, Cactus Jack, and Dude Love could create a strategy to outsmart The Undertaker.

6: 11. Kurt Angle 12. The Olympic gold medalist's intensity and submission skills might present a challenge for The Undertaker.

7: 13. John Cena 14. The Leader of the Cenation's never-give-up attitude and immense strength make him a formidable opponent for The Undertaker.

8: 15. The Rock 16. The Great One's electrifying charisma and Rock Bottom finisher could potentially overcome The Undertaker's dominance.

9: 17. Goldberg 18. The powerhouse Goldberg's explosive Spear and Jackhammer could be the game-changers against The Undertaker.