1: 1. "WrestleMania Moment: Austin vs Bret Hart, 'The Hitman'" 2. "Terrifying Rivalry: Stone Cold vs Undertaker, Hell in a Cell" 3. "Chaotic Showdown: Austin Battles The Rock at WrestleMania X-Seven"

2: 1. "Epic Showstopper: Stone Cold Stuns Vince McMahon!" 2. "Unpredictable Mayhem: Austin's Street Fight with Triple H" 3. "Heart-Stopping Stunner: Stone Cold vs Mr. McMahon at St. Valentine's Day Massacre"

3: 1. "Unparalleled Bravery: Austin vs Dude Love in a No Holds Barred Match" 2. "Boundary-Shattering Encounter: The Hardcore Battle Against Booker T" 3. "Legendary Return: Stone Cold's WrestleMania 13 Submission Match vs Bret Hart"

4: 1. "Unforgettable Brawl: Stone Cold vs The Rock in a 'I Quit' Match" 2. "Undeniable Rivalry: Austin's Steel Cage Encounter with Vince McMahon" 3. "Ruthless Performance: Stone Cold vs Kurt Angle in a Unforgiving Street Fight"

5: 1. "Grueling Showdown: Austin's First Blood Match with Kane" 2. "Intense Confrontation: Stone Cold's Legendary Beer Truck Moment" 3. "Unbreakable Spirit: Austin vs Owen Hart at SummerSlam '97"

6: 1. "Ultimate Shock: Stone Cold's Rematch against Bret Hart at Survivor Series" 2. "Unyielding Battle: Austin Faces Chris Jericho in a Sinister Steel Cage" 3. "Revolutionary Feud: The No Disqualification Bout Against The Rock"

7: 1. "Unmatched Ferocity: Austin's Battle with Big Show at Backlash '99" 2. "Unforgettable Anger: Stone Cold's Crusher with Vince McMahon's Corvette" 3. "Iconic Triumph: Austin's Final Match Against The Rock at WrestleMania XIX"

8: 1. "Legendary Sacrifice: Stone Cold vs Triple H in a Three Stages of Hell Match" 2. "Game-Changing Clash: Austin's Unsanctioned Match with Eric Bischoff" 3. "Unparalleled Energy: Stone Cold's Victory at King of the Ring '96"

9: 1. "Monumental Encounter: Austin vs Shawn Michaels in a Championship Match" 2. "Unforgettable Rebellion: Stone Cold Defying Authority at WrestleMania XIII" 3. "Unmatched Boldness: Austin's Undisputed Championship Battle with Jericho" Remember, each page should have a maximum of 35 words, so ensure concise and captivating descriptions.