1: 1. Stone Cold vs. Mr. McMahon: This legendary feud revolutionized wrestling with compelling storytelling and the iconic Austin 3:16 catchphrase.

2: 2. Stone Cold vs. The Rock: Their intense rivalry electrified audiences and set new standards for in-ring performances and microphone skills.

3: 3. Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart: This clash of wrestling styles showcased Stone Cold's resilience and solidified him as a top superstar.

4: 4. Stone Cold vs. Triple H: Their battles for supremacy provided fans with unforgettable moments and raised the bar for in-ring storytelling.

5: 5. Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker: These epic encounters pushed both competitors to their limits and left a lasting impact on WWE history.

6: 6. Stone Cold vs. Kurt Angle: Their comedic yet intense clashes delivered top-notch entertainment and showcased Stone Cold's versatility.

7: 7. Stone Cold vs. The Rock & Triple H (The Two-Man Power Trip): This alliance turned rivalry pushed the boundaries of tag team competition.

8: 8. Stone Cold vs. Shawn Michaels: Their personal animosity fueled confrontations that highlighted both superstars' exceptional skills.

9: 9. Stone Cold vs. Vince McMahon & The Alliance: This storyline brought together multiple feuds and propelled WWE into a new era of unpredictable chaos.