1: 1. Harvey and Donna secret wedding. A fan-favorite theory that almost became real in Suits. Will their undeniable chemistry finally lead to a happily ever after?

2: 2. Mike Ross is a fraud. A captivating theory that kept us guessing. Could the brilliant lawyer really be an impostor? Suits had us questioning everything.

3: 3. Jessica's return. Fans speculated about her surprise comeback. Will the iconic powerhouse lawyer reclaim her position and shake things up once again?

4: 4. Donna as managing partner. Imaginations ran wild with the idea of Donna taking the reins. Could she make the tough decisions and lead the firm to greatness?

5: 5. Louis and Sheila's baby. The couple's journey to parenthood had viewers holding their breath. Will they finally welcome a little bundle of joy into their lives?

6: 6. Specter Litt & Zane merger. Excitement grew as fans pondered a merger between the rival firms. Could they unite to create a legal powerhouse like never before?

7: 7. Rachel's return. Speculations were rife about Rachel's surprise appearance. Will she step back into the legal world alongside Mike, bringing their love story full circle?

8: 8. Harvey and Mike's reunion. Fans yearned for the iconic duo to join forces once more. Could they team up again to tackle new cases and outsmart their opponents?

9: 9. Specter Litt's downfall. A gripping theory had viewers questioning the firm's fate. Will internal conflicts and external threats dismantle the empire they worked so hard to build?