1: 1. Harvey Specter – The brilliant and charismatic lawyer with unparalleled wit and charm. 2. Samantha Wheeler – A powerful and determined lawyer who fearlessly takes on any challenge.

2: 3. Louis Litt – A complex character, known for his eccentricities and undying loyalty to his colleagues. 4. Robert Zane – An astute and respected attorney, he brings an authoritative presence to the show.

3: 5. Rachel Zane – A paralegal-turned-lawyer, Rachel displays immense intelligence and compassion. 6. Donna Paulsen – Harvey's trusted assistant, known for her exceptional intuition and unwavering support.

4: 7. Mike Ross – A brilliant fraud-turned-lawyer, his photographic memory and legal acumen astound. 8. Katrina Bennett – A fiercely ambitious character who navigates the legal world with determination.

5: 9. Jessica Pearson – A formidable lawyer and a key figure in the Suits universe, she epitomizes power.

6: 10. Alex Williams – A strategic and resourceful lawyer who often finds himself at the center of high-stakes situations. 11. Benjamin "Benny" Colón – An experienced and resilient character who excels in white-collar criminal defense.

7: 12. Gretchen Bodinski – A sharp-witted secretary with unparalleled organizational skills and a no-nonsense attitude. 13. Samantha Wheeler – A proactive and fearless lawyer, unafraid to challenge existing norms.

8: 14. Daniel Hardman – A cunning and manipulative attorney, constantly vying for control and dominance. 15. Sheila Sazs – An intelligent and accomplished lawyer who proves to be a formidable opponent in court.

9: 16. Charles Forstman – A powerful and unpredictable character whose presence always keeps the audience guessing. 17. Stu Buzzini – A charismatic and savvy businessman who often finds himself in need of legal advice.