1: 1. Sudden Retirement: Fans were left awestruck when The Undertaker unexpectedly announced his retirement, marking the end of an era in WWE history.

2: 2. WrestleMania Streak Ends: The WWE Universe was left in disbelief when The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania was finally broken after 21 consecutive wins.

3: 3. Return from Defeat: After a prolonged absence, The Undertaker made a shocking return, rising from defeat to seek vengeance on those who doubted him.

4: 4. Buried Alive Matches: The WWE Universe witnessed The Undertaker's supernatural powers come to life in chilling "Buried Alive" matches, leaving opponents and fans in utter shock.

5: 5. Transformation into The American Badass: Fans were stunned when The Undertaker transformed into his alter ego, The American Badass, adding a new dimension to his character.

6: 6. Confronting His Brother: Emotions ran high as The Undertaker confronted his brother, Kane, in a spine-tingling clash of two powerful and mysterious forces.

7: 7. Mind Games: The Undertaker's uncanny mind games, such as summoning caskets and producing lightning, mesmerized the WWE Universe, leaving them in disbelief and anticipation.

8: 8. Hell in a Cell Moments: The Undertaker's shocking moments inside the demonic Hell in a Cell structure showcased his unparalleled resilience and willingness to push the limits.

9: 9. Final Farewell: The WWE Universe bid an emotional goodbye to The Undertaker during his final farewell, honoring his legendary career and unforgettable moments in the ring.