1: The Undertaker Begins His Iconic WWE Journey Witness the start of an awe-inspiring career. The Undertaker's debut mesmerized fans and set the stage for legendary moments.

2: Undertaker Defeats Hulk Hogan to Win His First Championship In an unforgettable clash, The Undertaker conquered Hulk Hogan to claim his maiden WWE Championship, etching his name in history.

3: The Streak: Undertaker's WrestleMania Dominance For 21 consecutive WrestleManias, The Undertaker's undefeated streak captivated the world, making him an unparalleled force in wrestling lore.

4: Undertaker vs. Mankind: The Hell in a Cell Match The brutal clash between The Undertaker and Mankind remains etched in memories. From the top of the cell to thumbtacks, this was pure carnage.

5: Undertaker's Mind Games: Defeating Kane Sibling rivalry intensified as The Undertaker and Kane clashed numerous times. Witness the mind games that propelled Undertaker to victory.

6: Undertaker's Biker Phase: Changing the Game Explore The Undertaker's controversial biker phase where he ditched his supernatural gimmick, reinventing himself and surprising fans worldwide.

7: End of an Era: Undertaker's Last Match A bittersweet moment as The Undertaker bid farewell in a memorable match against AJ Styles. For decades, he reigned as a wrestling legend.

8: Undertaker's Induction to WWE Hall of Fame The ultimate recognition! The Undertaker's indelible legacy cemented his place in the WWE Hall of Fame, honoring his unparalleled contributions.

9: The Undertaker's Enduring Legacy in WWE From his chilling entrance to his matchless longevity, The Undertaker carved a legacy that will forever be etched in WWE's history books.