1: The Shield Era Discover Roman Reigns' journey as a Shield member. From intense battles to dominant victories, Reigns made an impact that changed WWE forever.

2: Intense Beginnings Witness Roman Reigns' entrance into The Shield faction. His raw power and undeniable presence made him an unstoppable force alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

3: Dominance Unleashed Experience the reign of The Shield as they conquered title after title. Roman Reigns' brutal spear and sheer determination elevated the faction's status to new heights.

4: Blood Brothers Explore the unbreakable bond between The Shield members. Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose stood united, displaying loyalty that fueled their success in the WWE universe.

5: Championship Glory Relive Roman Reigns' victorious moments with The Shield. Together, they clinched multiple tag team championship reigns, establishing themselves as dominant forces.

6: Triple Threat Warfare Witness the power struggle within The Shield as conflicts arose. Roman Reigns faced his allies-turned-rivals, adding a new layer of excitement to this gripping era.

7: Betrayal and Redemption Discover Roman Reigns' journey towards redemption following The Shield's dissolution. Overcoming personal setbacks, he emerged stronger, ready to claim his destiny.

8: Evolution of "The Big Dog" Unveil Roman Reigns' transformation into "The Big Dog." The Shield era served as a foundation for his growth, shaping him into the dominant force he is today.

9: Legacy Forever Reflect on the lasting legacy The Shield created in WWE history. Roman Reigns' time with the faction left an indelible mark, shaping the future of professional wrestling.