1: "Relive Spectacular Bouts! WWE's Most Festive Christmas Matches Jingle bells, superstars clash, Unforgettable holiday flash!"

2: "Mistletoe Mayhem! John Cena vs. Santa Claus, An epic showdown without flaws. Who prevailed in this spectacle? Discover the answer, it's incredible!"

3: "Yuletide Chaos Unleashed! Tables, Ladders & Chairs at play, Christmas carnage led the way. Thrilling stunts and high-flying bliss, TLC matches you don't want to miss!"

4: "A Snowy Smackdown! Raw versus SmackDown, bitter snow, Brand supremacy, ready to throw. On Christmas night, the battle ignited, Which brand emerged, fans delighted?"

5: "A Miracle on 34th Street! Street fights in festive town, City lights, joy all around. Superstars collide with holiday cheer, Witness the magic, it's crystal clear!"

6: "Santa's Naughty List! Naughty or nice, it's time to decide, As Santa takes superstars for a ride. Who faced Santa's wrath, who found bliss? Find out who made the nice list!"

7: "Christmas Carnivals! A carnival of colors, joyous scenes, Rings transformed to winter dreams. Festive attires, action immense, Christmas spirit, no defense!"

8: "A Stocking Stuffer Showdown! In the spirit of giving, they clash, Ruthless aggression at the match. Huge surprises in Santa's sack, Stocking stuffers with a perfect knack!"

9: "Jingle Slam! Season's beatings, wrapped tight, The most exciting wrestling night. Jingle slam, bell rings with glee, The most festive cheer, on WWE!"