1: "The Phenom arrives, his presence chilling. The Undertaker, an icon of WWE, leaves behind a legacy that will forever be etched in wrestling history."

2: "For over three decades, The Undertaker's character has evolved and captivated fans with his dark persona, unmatched athleticism, and legendary WrestleMania streak."

3: "With numerous championship victories and unforgettable feuds, The Undertaker's career showcases his mastery of the ring and his ability to invoke fear in opponents."

4: "Beyond the scripted battles, The Undertaker's dedication to his craft and commitment to giving fans memorable performances sets him apart as a true wrestling great."

5: "From his early days as a mystical figure to leading The Ministry of Darkness and forming The Brothers of Destruction, The Undertaker's storylines have left an indelible mark."

6: "The Undertaker's historic WrestleMania matches, including his 21-year undefeated streak, created a mystique that added to his legend and made him an icon of the grandest stage."

7: "Not only known for his in-ring prowess, The Undertaker's supernatural presence and eerie entrance rituals have made him a fan favorite and a symbol of the WWE brand."

8: "The Undertaker's retirement at Survivor Series 2020 marked the end of an era, leaving fans in awe of his ability to sustain such an impressive career and cement his place in WWE history."

9: "Through his longevity, unparalleled in-ring skills, and larger-than-life character, The Undertaker's legacy will forever be synonymous with greatness in professional wrestling."