1: Unveiled in 1975, the Bicentennial Quarter celebrates America's 200th birthday. This historically significant coin is cherished by collectors worldwide.

2: Designed by Jack L. Ahr and Seth Huntington, the Bicentennial Quarter features a stunning rendition of a colonial drummer, symbolizing the freedom fighters.

3: Struck in both copper-nickel clad composition and silver, the Bicentennial Quarter holds intrinsic and numismatic value for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

4: The special reverse design depicts a bald eagle, a powerful national symbol embodying the spirit of independence and resilience of the American nation.

5: The Bicentennial Quarter was released during a year-long celebration, captivating the nation with its unique design and patriotic significance.

6: Notable variations include the absence of an "S" mintmark, making the 1976-D and 1976-P Bicentennial Quarters particularly sought after by collectors.

7: The Bicentennial Quarter's popularity continues to grow, reflecting both its historical significance and the allure of its eye-catching design.

8: Collectors appreciate the Bicentennial Quarter's availability in uncirculated and proof sets, each providing a splendid showcase for this timeless coin.

9: Whether you're a coin enthusiast or a history lover, owning a Bicentennial Quarter allows you to own a piece of America's fascinating past and rich heritage.