1: 1. Bray Wyatt: Known as "The Fiend," Wyatt has never captured Tag Team Gold but has left an unforgettable mark in the WWE Universe.

2: 2. Cesaro: Despite his remarkable strength and technical abilities, Cesaro has yet to claim the ultimate prize in tag team competition.

3: 3. Samoa Joe: A dominant force in singles competition, Samoa Joe's quest for tag team gold has remained unfulfilled so far.

4: 4. Shelton Benjamin: Benjamin's incredible athleticism and in-ring skills have amazed fans, but he hasn't secured tag team championship glory.

5: 5. Dolph Ziggler: Often referred to as a show-stealer, Ziggler has yet to taste victory when it comes to tag team gold.

6: 6. Rusev: Despite his dominant run in the WWE, Rusev has never managed to secure a tag team championship alongside a partner.

7: 7. Damian Priest: The Archer of Infamy, Damian Priest, is still chasing the elusive tag team gold in WWE.

8: 8. Shinsuke Nakamura: The King of Strong Style hasn't held tag team titles in WWE, showcasing his abilities as a singles competitor instead.

9: 9. Andrade: Despite his undeniable talent, Andrade has yet to capture tag team gold in WWE, leaving fans eagerly waiting for that moment.