1: 1. Louis Litt: The witty and lovable lawyer with a heart of gold. Follow his journey as he navigates the legal world while balancing his personal struggles.

2: 2. Donna Paulsen: Explore the life of the impeccable and fearless legal secretary, as she tackles challenges and showcases her brilliance outside the firm.

3: 3. Jessica Pearson: Witness the inspiring journey of this powerhouse attorney as she fights for justice in the legal arena and challenges stereotypes.

4: 4. Harvey Specter: Dive into the complex life of this charismatic lawyer as he takes on captivating cases, while dealing with personal demons.

5: 5. Rachel Zane: Join Rachel as she sets out on a journey beyond being an associate, shaping her own path in the legal world with passion and determination.

6: 6. Mike Ross: Follow the intriguing adventures of this brilliant college dropout as he continues to utilize his photographic memory and navigates new challenges.

7: 7. Katrina Bennett: Discover the untold story of this ambitious lawyer and witness her rise to prominence while unraveling personal and professional challenges.

8: 8. Alex Williams: Explore the life of this skilled lawyer who came from humble beginnings and see how he makes a name for himself in the cutthroat legal world.

9: 9. Robert Zane: Uncover the secrets of this powerful attorney as he balances family obligations and deals with the consequences of his past decisions.