1: 1. "Stone Cold Saves Christmas! WWE's most unforgettable holiday battles."

2: 2. "Revealing The Rock's Iconic Christmas Gift. A cherished WWE tradition."

3: 3. "Mick Foley's Christmas Chaos! Unbelievable tales of WWE's holiday mayhem."

4: 4. "John Cena's Christmas Miracle! Heartwarming moments that defined WWE."

5: 5. "The Undertaker's Dark Christmas Legends. Haunting tales from WWE's past."

6: 6. "Divas' Christmas Extravaganza! Glamour, glitter, and fierce WWE rivalries."

7: 7. "Tag Team Tidings! Celebrating the best Christmas partnerships in WWE."

8: 8. "The Ultimate Christmas Rumble! Epic clashes that warmed WWE fans' hearts."

9: 9. "Santa Clauses of WWE! When your favorite superstars become holiday heroes."