1: 1. "Pilot" sets the stage for Suits' legal drama. Iconic characters, witty banter, and a captivating storyline mark this episode as a must-watch. Don't miss it!

2: 2. "Rewind" takes a dive into Mike's past, revealing his secret life as a brilliant lawyer without a degree. The suspense and character development make it a fan favorite.

3: 3. In "Intent," Harvey and Mike team up to defend a man wrongly accused of insider trading. The clever twists and intense courtroom scenes will leave you hooked.

4: 4. "Discovery" introduces Jessica Pearson's backstory, showcasing her strength and determination. This episode sheds light on the complexities of running a successful law firm.

5: 5. "Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner" explores the power dynamics between Harvey and Louis. Their clash of egos and conflicting interests creates compelling conflicts that fans can't get enough of.

6: 6. "Fork in the Road" follows Mike as he faces the consequences of his actions, leading to a critical decision that changes his life forever. This episode is a turning point in the series.

7: 7. "Heartburn" displays the intricate dynamics of Harvey and Donna's relationship. The unresolved tension and emotional moments make it an unforgettable chapter for Suits enthusiasts.

8: 8. "Normandy" showcases Harvey's vulnerability as he confronts his troubled past. The glimpses into his character's growth and redemption are sure to captivate fans.

9: 9. "One Last Con" brings the series to a dramatic close, tying up loose ends in a satisfying way. Emotional farewells and unexpected twists make it a finale that fans will be talking about for years.