1: 1. Evolutionary Start: CM Punk's journey in WWE began in 2005, signing a developmental contract that paved the way for an extraordinary career.

2: 2. Straight Edge Lifestyle: Renowned for his belief in a substance-free lifestyle, CM Punk embraced the "Straight Edge" movement, which became a significant aspect of his on-screen persona.

3: 3. Lengthy Title Reign: From November 2007 to January 2013, CM Punk held the WWE Championship for an astonishing 434 days, leaving an indelible mark in wrestling history.

4: 4. Iconic Pipe Bomb Promo: Punk's gripping "pipe bomb" promo in 2011 challenged the wrestling establishment and transformed him into a cult phenomenon among fans.

5: 5. Epic WrestleMania Moments: CM Punk showcased his extraordinary skills at WrestleMania, from a spectacular match against The Undertaker to unforgettable battles with the likes of Chris Jericho and Randy Orton.

6: 6. Independent Success Story: Before his WWE days, CM Punk made a name for himself in the independent wrestling scene, earning accolades and building a passionate following.

7: 7. Feuds and Rivalries: From intense rivalries with John Cena and Jeff Hardy to memorable clashes with Triple H and The Rock, CM Punk's WWE career was filled with electrifying feuds.

8: 8. Do-It-Yourself Attitude: Known for his fierce individualism, CM Punk stood out by having creative control over his storylines, making his wrestling persona a reflection of his unique vision.

9: 9. Lasting Legacy: While Punk's departure from WWE in 2014 left fans clamoring for more, his path-breaking career and rebellious energy continue to inspire generations of wrestlers and fans alike.