1: 1. Catch "Suits" stars in "Psych: The Movie" for a nostalgic ride. 2. Uncover legal drama in "Damages" with powerhouse performances. 3. Witness Jessica Pearson's spinoff in "Suits: Jessica Pearson."

2: 4. Dive into "Better Call Saul" for a gripping lawyer origin story. 5. Experience the adrenaline rush of "How to Get Away with Murder." 6. Explore "Goliath" and its captivating legal battles.

3: 7. Discover the thrilling rivalry in "The Good Fight." 8. Engage with intense courtroom drama in "The People v. O.J. Simpson." 9. Immerse yourself in the British legal system with "Silk."

4: 10. Enjoy the clever manipulation of "Liar," a legal thriller series. 11. Witness complexities of the justice system in "The Night Of." 12. Get a taste of high-stakes legal battles in "Reckoning."

5: 13. Uncover twists and moral dilemmas in "Defending Jacob." 14. Delve into the intriguing "The Lincoln Lawyer" series. 15. Experience the adrenaline of "The Practice" with mesmerizing cases.

6: 16. Follow ambitious lawyers in "Suits: Second City." 17. Witness the rise of Harvey Specter in "The Firm." 18. Explore the world of "Berlin Station" through covert operations.

7: 19. Dive into the dark side of legal justice in "The Split." 20. Unravel the mystery in "The Alienist," set in the Gilded Age. 21. Experience courtroom suspense in "Love, Lies, and Records."

8: 22. Encounter legal ethics dilemmas in "Rake." 23. Immerse into the corporate sabotage of "Billions." 24. Witness power struggles in "Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up."

9: 25. Get a glimpse into a high-profile legal firm in "Burden of Truth." 26. Discover the life of real defense lawyers in "Camera Store." 27. Explore the world of political power in "Designated Survivor."