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2: 2. Graves vs. Reigns - Experience the explosive rivalry between Corey Graves and Roman Reigns as these two forces clash in epic battles for dominance on SmackDown.

3: 3. Graves vs. Bryan - Witness the intense confrontations and intense matches as Corey Graves goes head-to-head with Daniel Bryan, creating unforgettable moments on SmackDown.

4: 4. Graves vs. Styles - Get immersed in the exhilarating clashes between Corey Graves and AJ Styles, where their contrasting styles collide in jaw-dropping encounters on SmackDown.

5: 5. Graves vs. Wyatt - Uncover the dark and twisted encounters between Corey Graves and Bray Wyatt, as these two unpredictable forces collide in mind-bending storylines on SmackDown.

6: 6. Graves vs. Rollins - Experience the heated clashes between Corey Graves and Seth Rollins, showcasing their relentless pursuit for supremacy on SmackDown.

7: 7. Graves vs. Owens - Delve into the intense battles and personal vendettas between Corey Graves and Kevin Owens, creating an explosive atmosphere on SmackDown.

8: 8. Graves vs. Zayn - Witness the captivating encounters and heated rivalries between Corey Graves and Sami Zayn, transcending boundaries on SmackDown.

9: 9. Graves' Iconic Storylines - Relive the most iconic storylines involving Corey Graves on SmackDown, as his charismatic persona takes center stage, showcasing his undeniable impact.