1: 1. The Blue Moon Diamond Legendary 12.03-carat diamond sold for a record-breaking $48.4 million, captivating global attention.

2: 2. The 1933 Double Eagle Rare $20 gold coin auctioned for a staggering $7.59 million, highlighting its exceptional value.

3: 3. The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar America's first silver dollar fetched an astounding $10 million, becoming a numismatic marvel.

4: 4. The Brasher Doubloon The elusive gold coin struck by silversmith Ephraim Brasher sold for an extraordinary $7.4 million.

5: 5. The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel A mere five cents in face value, this coin reached a mind-blowing $4.56 million at auction.

6: 6. The 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar One of the rarest coins in the world, this beauty soared to an incredible $3.29 million in auction.

7: 7. The 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar The first dollar coin issued by the United States witnessed a historic sale at $10 million.

8: 8. The 1907 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Designed by renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, this coin achieved a remarkable $7.59 million.

9: 9. The Bebee Collection Comprising over 100,000 coins, this vast collection fetched a staggering $27 million at auction.