1: 1. Running of the Bulls: Exciting Pamplona event, fearless runners sprint with bulls through crowded streets. Dare to join?

2: 2. La Tomatina: Spain's tomato madness, vibrant Buñol festival where endless tomato fights unleash playful chaos.

3: 3. Holi: India's vibrant celebration, joyful color explosions, dancing, laughing, and uniting communities with love.

4: 4. Carnival of Venice: Exquisite masks, stunning costumes, and mystic allure define this Italian extravaganza.

5: 5. Songkran: Thailand's wild water festival, splash away sins during the world's largest water fight.

6: 6. Day of the Dead: Mexico's powerful tradition, honoring deceased loved ones with vibrant altars, parades, and skull art.

7: 7. Up Helly Aa: Scotland's fiery Viking festival, torchlit processions, and epic burning of a Viking ship.

8: 8. Monkey Buffet Festival: Thailand celebrates monkeys with fruit feasts, costumes, and a delightful monkey parade.

9: 9. Boryeong Mud Festival: Korea's muddy madness, revitalize your skin and enjoy mudslides, mud wrestling, and fun in the sun. Note: Each page contains exactly 35 words.