1: "1. WrestleMania XIII: Iconic Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart. A brutal battle showcasing Austin's resilience."

2: "2. WrestleMania X-Seven: Stone Cold vs. The Rock. A legendary clash defining the Attitude Era."

3: "3. Unforgiven 2001: Austin vs. Kurt Angle. A technical masterpiece with intense rivalry."

4: "4. SummerSlam 1997: Stone Cold vs. Owen Hart. A high-stakes encounter full of intensity."

5: "5. No Way Out 2001: Austin vs. Triple H. A brutal Three Stages of Hell match."

6: "6. Backlash 2000: Stone Cold vs. The Rock vs. Triple H. A thrilling Triple Threat match."

7: "7. King of the Ring 2001: Austin vs. Chris Jericho. A power-packed encounter with surprises."

8: "8. WrestleMania XIV: Stone Cold vs. Shawn Michaels. The birth of Austin's championship reign."

9: "9. Fully Loaded 1999: Austin vs. The Undertaker. A gripping First Blood match intensifies the feud."