1: 1. "Rest in Peace" – The Undertaker 2. "In darkness, I have found light." 3. "The grave cannot hold me." 4. "Fear the Reaper."

2: 5. "There's nothing more powerful than a confident soul." 6. "No mortal can escape the inevitable." 7. "Hell awaits those who oppose me." 8. "I've stared death in the face and conquered."

3: 9. "The darkness within me is my greatest strength." 10. "Embrace the darkness, for it will consume you." 11. "Death is not the end, but a new beginning." 12. "I am the master of mind games."

4: 13. "The darkness doesn't scare me; it's my ally." 14. "In the ring, I am unstoppable." 15. "I walk among the shadows, leaving destruction in my wake." 16. "The Undertaker is forever."

5: 17. "I bring destruction upon those who challenge me." 18. "The graveyard is my sanctuary." 19. "No opponent can withstand my wrath." 20. "I am the reaper of souls."

6: 21. "I thrive on pain and suffering, it fuels my legacy." 22. "There's no escape from the darkness of The Undertaker." 23. "I've buried legends, and their spirits haunt me." 24. "I am eternal, like the night itself."

7: 25. "The Undertaker's presence strikes fear into hearts." 26. "Witness true power unfold before your eyes." 27. "I am the last breath you'll take." 28. "Prepare for your soul to be taken."

8: 29. "Once you're in the darkness, there's no way out." 30. "Undertaker, the phenom who defies death." 31. "Fear the Tombstone Piledriver." 32. "The Deadman's legacy lives on."

9: 33. "When the bell tolls, you know your fate is sealed." 34. "Feel the chills as The Undertaker approaches." 35. "United in darkness, The Undertaker reigns supreme."