1: 1. Savory hummus wraps with fresh veggies. 2. Energy-boosting Greek yogurt with berries. 3. Nutrient-rich avocado toast bites. 4. Crispy baked pita chips with a homemade tzatziki dip.

2: 1. Zesty lemon and herb marinated olives. 2. Protein-packed turkey or chicken skewers. 3. Quick and refreshing watermelon feta salad. 4. Oven-roasted chickpeas for guilt-free snacking.

3: 1. Mini caprese skewers bursting with flavor. 2. Crunchy cucumber slices with tangy feta. 3. Spiced nuts for a satisfying and nutritious crunch. 4. Fresh grape tomatoes and mozzarella pearls.

4: 1. Whole grain crackers topped with bruschetta. 2. Creamy goat cheese with antioxidant-rich grapes. 3. Colorful veggie sticks with a tangy yogurt dip. 4. Nourishing smoothie bowls packed with fruits.

5: 1. Portion-controlled Greek yogurt parfaits. 2. Baked sweet potato chips with a spicy dip. 3. Wholesome kale chips seasoned to perfection. 4. Filling edamame pods for an easy and healthy snack.

6: 1. Quinoa salad cups with vibrant Mediterranean veggies. 2. Frozen banana bites coated in dark chocolate. 3. Light and refreshing fruit skewers. 4. Greek-inspired stuffed grape leaves, a tasty delight.

7: 1. Oven-baked zucchini fries for guilt-free snacking. 2. Greek-style stuffed mushrooms with a satisfying filling. 3. Miniature feta and spinach pastry bites. 4. Wholesome trail mix packed with nuts and dried fruits.

8: 1. Mediterranean-style deviled eggs with a twist. 2. Roasted red pepper and feta mini quiches. 3. Crunchy apple slices with creamy almond butter. 4. Colorful fruit salsa served with cinnamon tortilla chips.

9: 1. Mediterranean-inspired mini frittatas. 2. Tangy and refreshing cucumber and mint infused water. 3. Mini whole grain pita pockets filled with grilled veggies. 4. Baked kale and feta stuffed mushrooms, a nutritious treat.